Publishing articles about Perl

Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni,


  • Articles published by the French Perl Mongers in Linux Magazine France


  • Why not write or translate these articles in English?

    • No need for new articles in English

    • There are already good people writing articles in English in The Perl Review, Linux Magazine, etc

    • There is a need to write the first articles on given subject in French

Random stats

  • Publishing since 2002

  • 17 authors

  • 50 technical articles

  • 36 pearls

  • 11 conference reports

  • 5 interviews

  • 1 special issue

Good for everybody

  • Authors get paid for the articles

  • Authors are proud and happy of being published

  • Articles contribute to the Perl buzz in French

  • Articles are put online 4 months after paper edition

  • Everybody can read them for free, including Google